Chinese Christian Church of Baton Rouge

 Brief History 教會簡史

        The predecessor of Chinese Christian Church of Baton Rouge (CCCBR) was a campus Bible study group. It met regularly on Friday night as early as 1979, and became more organized with elected coworkers in 1980. Beginning in 1983, monthly Sunday worship services were held in addition to the Bible Studies. In 1985, we formed a non-profit organization, Chinese Christian Fellowship of Baton Rouge, and registered with the government. The church was formally founded in March, 1986. In August of that year Rev. James Tien joined the church and became the first pastor. During his tenure, the congregation continued to grow, and a need of a larger meeting place arose. We purchased the building at the current location in September 1990. Rev. Tien retired in 1993. Afterwards, Rev. James Chen (1993 - 1999), Rev. K.C. Chen (2000 - 2014) and Steve Hsia (2014 - ) successively served as the church pastor: all three of them were one time laymen of the church, and later became full-time ministers through God’s grace.

        When the church was first founded, church members were mainly Chinese from Taiwan, Hong Kong and other Southeast Asian countries. The main focus of church ministry was to evangelize among Chinese students and scholars in LSU and other nearby campuses. With time, both the composition and the ministry of the church became diversified. Currently, about two-thirds of the Chinese congregation of the church consists of Chinese from the mainland, with the remaining one third from Taiwan and elsewhere. Evangelizing among campus students and scholars is still an important ministry, but we also use various means to reach out to an increasingly larger Chinese population in the community. As we spread the Gospel and build up believers, many ministries, such as worship, discipleship, missions, fellowship, children and youth ministries, have all grown over the years.



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 Our Missions 本教會的宗旨

  • Building up the body of Christ in which all believers can have fellowship and be well equipped to serve the Lord.
  • Disseminating and holding firmly all truths revealed in the Bible.
  • Spreading the gospel, with emphasis on leading non-believer Chinese to the Lord.

  • 造就信徒,建立基督的身體。
  • 傳揚聖經的真理,堅守所信的道。
  • 傳福音,引人歸主。
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 Faith Statement 信仰告白

  • The Church firmly believes that the bible, consisting of 66 books in the old and new testaments, is inspired by God. It is the perfect truth. It is infallible, and is the ultimate basis and authority for doctrine and deed. It is the completed revelation of God's plan for salvation.
  • The Church firmly believes that God is holy, righteous, loving, omnipotent, immortal and everlasting. He is the God in Trinity. He is the creator of the heavens, the earth and all mankind. He is the Father we worship, serve and praise.
  • The Church firmly believes that Jesus Christ is God's only begotten Son since the beginning, conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the virgin Mary. He was sinless, but was crucified and died on the cross to atone for the sins of man. He resurrected on the third day, ascended into heaven and is the high priest and mediator between God and man. He intercedes for us and will descend from heaven to receive the believers.
  • The Church firmly believes that the holy spirit is the third Person of the Trinity, come to earth to witness for Christ. He abides forever with the believers, helping, teaching and leading them into the truth.
  • The Church firmly believes that all men are sinners. Christ is the only savior, and he who believes in Him will be saved. Sins are forgiven through the redemption of Christ's precious blood. And we are justified through His resurrection.
  • The Church firmly believes all believers are redeemed through Christ's precious blood to God. They should not only be separated from the world and sin, but also strive to be salt and light to the world to bear good witness for the glorification of our God.
  • The Church firmly believes that the Church is composed of people who are chosen by God through the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The Church is the body of Christ, the house of God and the temple of the Holy Spirit. The Church should be sanctified as the pillar of the truth, the illuminating lamp-stand and the glorious testimony of Jesus Christ. All believers should participate in the work and service of the Church.
  • 我們相信新舊約全部聖經是神藉聖靈所默示的話語,完全正確,毫無錯誤,是基督徒信仰及行為的最高權威和準則,是神對人類救恩的完全啟示。
  • 我們相信聖潔,公義,慈愛,全能,無限,永在,三位一體的神,祂是創造並管理天地萬物的主,是我們敬拜,事奉和頌讚的父。
  • 我們相信耶穌基督是從太初就有的神的獨生子,是從聖靈懷孕藉童貞女馬利亞而生的,祂是無罪的,而為世人的罪釘死在十字架上,成為贖罪祭,且被埋葬,第三日復活;以後升天,作我們的中保和大祭司,為我們代求,將來還要從天再來,迎接信徒。
  • 我們相信聖靈是三位一體的神中的第三位,來到地上為耶穌基督作見證,並住在每個信徒裡面,幫助教訓,引導進入一切真理。
  • 我們相信,世人都是罪人,耶穌基督是唯一的救主,凡相信祂的可以得救,因祂所流的寶血得蒙赦罪,並因祂的復活得稱為義 。
  • 我們相信,所有信徒都是主寶血所救贖成為屬神的人,應當脫離世俗和罪惡,並在世上作光作鹽,為主作美好見證,榮耀神。
  • 我們相信,教會是神選召出來的人藉著聖靈的洗成為基督的身體,是神的家和聖靈的殿,應當分別為聖成為真理的柱石和發光的燈台,並且是基督榮耀的見證,所有信徒都當有分於教會的事奉和工作 。

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 CCCBR Constitution 教會章程

CCCBR Constitution 教會章程
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 Pastoral Staff 教牧員工

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 Fellowship Groups 團契

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